June 15, 2016

Limitations / Einbeck

By in Making Music

Two new cassettes!

My new album Limitations contains six pieces of music that were recorded on and off during the year 2014. Some of them emanate from guitar riffs that I’d been dragging around for a while, some just fell in my lap during my occasional recording sessions down at the practice space. My abilities and materials were limited, hence the album’s title.
Limited edition of 50 cassettes (with downloadcode), C45, Sleep Lab Library.

Einbeck is a cassette with two tracks based on 4-track-tape recordings from September 1995. Edited and made into something else 20 years later. An homage to Einbeck, a city in Northern Germany, my grandparents’ house and my memories of those places.
Limited edition of a few cassettes, C30, Banned Production.

Both tapes available in my webshop.

Einbeck / Limitations